In the business world, a smartphone is a necessity. Microsoft has yet to make a huge impact in the smartphone marketplace when you compare its Windows Mobile 6.5 to the tough competition from Apple and Google on the consumer side and Blackberry on the business side. However, that may be about to change.

Microsoft is releasing the Windows Phone 7 in September. Due to the tight control Microsoft is maintaining over the operating system of this phone, early reviews have revealed mixed opinions for the Phone 7 handset, according to All Business. Phone 7 features a lot of Microsoftbs busual suspects,b music and videos from Zune, Bing-based maps and searching, and a mobile version of Xbox Live for gaming. The biggest strength of this phone is the intelligently integrated Office Suite, with which users can access Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, view PowerPoint presentations and collaborate with SharePoint, making Phone 7 an option for business people who are on the go.

But there are a few flaws to consider with this early version of Phone 7. This smartphone is currently unable to copy and paste, a feature found within the competition. Phone 7 also lacks Flash, but Adobe has said it should be available in the months following the launch. Multi-tasking on this phone is available only on first-party apps. For example, you can play your Zune songs while checking text messages, but you canbt do that from the Pandora app.

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