One trend becoming more and more prevalent in business these days is allowing employees to work from home, sometimes exclusively. B While having employees work from home offers potential advantages, including cost savings and a wider pool of potential employees, the drawbacks can outweigh the advantages.

  • In an hourly or salaried position, a lack of effective productivity assessment can result in lost productivity, quickly exceeding potential savings.
  • You miss the opportunities for innovation that present themselves through spontaneous conversations between employees, and innovation is key to helping your business thrive.
  • Though the internet and conference calls allow for easier remote communication, it is far more difficult to have discussions and creative thinking sessions when you’re not in the same room. B Employees are often more content to remain quiet over the phone, and they may use it as an opportunity to multitask so their minds are not fully engaged with the topic of the meeting.

Working from home may be considered a progressive form of business and certainly offers benefits for your employees, but that does not mean you should forgo an office space. B Consider offering one or two days for your employees to work from home when they wish, but requiring time spent in the office for socialization and in-person meetings to help promote innovative thinking.

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