It should not surprise office managers that employee concentration in areas where there are cubicles in the office is difficult. Whether you are the owner, CEO, President, Office Manager, or Supervisor you want peak performance from your employees. But how are you going to get that from employees who have to work in a noisy, distraction filled environment with totally exposed workstations all lined up in a row?

Of course you are not and that is a growing problem in offices across the board. With downsizing and multiple regions squished into what were once vast palaces of employment, office managers and those in charge really need to start thinking outside of the box.

The trends seem to be that when the real work needs to be done, seclusion and privacy work better than an open-air setting. We’re not talking about lavish suites, mind you. But B meeting rooms, collaboration spaces, or alternative work areas can really make all the difference.

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