Traditionally commercial investors have relied on Class A office properties to secure a decent return on their investment. However, a growing number of investors are looking at Class B properties.

Class B properties have become a solid investment as the overall economy has improved. For tenants not interested in the amenities or high price tag of a Class A space, a renovated Class B space with all of the essentials draws interest from capable tenants.

In fact, a 64,000 square foot property on the Banyan Trail near Glades Road just sold for $6.5 million. The owner, First Southern Bank invested in several improvements before selling the property to Coral Heights Fladevco. Though Class B buildings don’t occupy the most popular zip codes and landmarks, office properties in the suburbs have proved a reliable investment.

While most investment firms have remained fixed in the apartment sector, innovative investors have tapped into the Class B office market with increasing success.

Currently, Morris Southeast Group has a variety of Class B office properties available throughout the South Florida commercial real estate market include cities like Miami, Sunrise and Plantation FL. Contact us for more information on a Class B to suit your needs.


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