Commercial office space can be classified into a number of different classes depending on their use. It is important to understand the differences and what they mean to you as a renter. Here is a quick rundown of the various building classes:

  • Class bAb Space b These are premier buildings in the best locations. They provide the finest amenities but also charge the highest per square foot rents.
  • Class bBb Space b In demand by a wide range of tenants, these buildings still offer good access to other business locations in a very professional setting.
  • Class bCb Space b More suitable for industrial or non-client oriented activities, these spaces are quite affordable and provide adequate services for their price.

There are many challenges that face a company looking to move into new offices and a good realtor can save them time and aggravation as well as money. For more info on building classes or if you need some help finding the perfect office space,B please contact us at Morris Southeast. You can find us online at or reach us by phone at 866-930-1426.


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