Are you considering moving your business or opening your new start up in Miami Dade County? If so, then you are probably browsing around and looking for some information about what is the most popular kind of space in the area.. You also want to know that you arenbt going to be overpaying with your rental fees, so it is important to check into that before you make a commitment to a space and know what kind of areas you might be able to negotiate a little more in.

Here are our figures for the Miami-Dade County area when it comes to commercial property:

Class A

  • Office market size:B 25,452,539
  • Rental Rate:B $35.66
  • Vacancy Factor:B 23%

Class B

  • Office market size:B 46,338,843
  • Rental Rate:B $25.86
  • Vacancy Factor:B 17%

Class C

  • Office market size:B 30,339,807
  • Rental Rate:B $22.23
  • Vacancy Factor:B 7%

Industrial Market

  • Total market size:B 233,414,491
  • Rental Rate:B $7.73
  • Vacancy Factor:B 13%

As you can see, Class A space has a higher rental rate but a higher vacancy factor as well so there could always be room to negotiate better terms for your companybs rental agreement. If you want to see some of the locations we have available to look at in this area, give as a call today at Morris Southeast Group!

Source: South Florida Market Data
Photo Credit: robertovm on stock.xchng



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