Have you been hearing the news about South Florida’s unemployment rate continuing to rise? The rate which was set at 11.4 percent in May has now made its way to 11.8 percent throughout the month of June. It represents the 982,000 that are jobless in South Florida’s work force of 9.2 million.

However, there has been aggressive hiring in accounting, customer service and technology position which would make one would think that with the increase of 4,300 jobs things would improve, but the month-to-month unemployment rate continues to rise. One of the main reasons is due to more people entering the marketplace looking for jobs. The increase places Miami-Dade County as the third-highest,B not-seasonally-adjustedB unemployment rate in Florida.

Despite the increases the Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation is happy with the pattern of growth and is continuing their effort to restore the state’s economy to the levels seen before the recession.

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Source: South Florida Business Journal

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