Do you remember our post from a few months back in July about the South Florida unemployment rate rising? According toB statistics from the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity unemployment in the area has fallen. It dropped fromB 11.2 percent in AugustB to 10.6 percent in September, which is also down from September 2010’s 11.7 percent. And although it is still high, there have been improvements in the job market. For example, Miami-Dade has the highest unemployment rate in South Florida, but it also has second-highest gain in new jobs in the state with 15,500 September.

Just as the southern region the state’s unemployment rate has also dropped to 10.6 percent. It is represented byB 977,000 that are jobless out of a labor force of 9.2 million. It has also seen an increase in jobs with aB net total of 92,400 jobs added this year.

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Source: South Florida Business Journal




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