The South Florida commercial real estate market is booming! Business owners across the region are searching for properties that provide more space, are in a better location, or upgrade the business’ amenities. If you are searching for new commercial space it is important to pay attention to current trends, including:

  • Big malls Retail businesses are returningB to the mall!B Many retail business are more likely interested in property in a large mall instead of properties located in spread outB shopping centers. The belief is that being located in a mall provides more exposure to potential customers.
  • Collaborative space Many offices have become far more collaborative and are utilizing shared work spaces. Take a careful look at any commercial property to determine if it would be conducive for your team’s collaboration.
  • Posh offices Commercial real estate properties are becoming far more luxurious. Business owners are searching for high end offices and retail spacesB that set them apart from the competition.

Morris Southeast is proud to serve as a premier South Florida commercial real estate firm. Contact one of our dedicated professionals today to learn more about available properties and the services we provide.


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