The work hours have evolved and as a result so has office space. Review the tips below to discover how theB modern workplace has evolved.

  • Collaborative environment. Offices are embracing an open floor plan that lends itself to collaboration. Traditional cubicles with walls aren’t conducive to collaboration. Embrace modular desks that can be moved around and have several configurations.
  • Comfortable seating. For many employees, long gone are the days of leaving for lunch. Instead, many employers are opting for a multi-purpose desk area in which employees can eat and work at their desk.
  • More technology. Computers and typewriters are archaic. Most offices use tablets, portable laptops and smart phones. As a result, desks are configured to store multiple electronic devices and cords.
  • Going green. Keeping environmental issues at the forefront is key and today’s offices are doing just that by using eco-friendly office furniture. Furniture made from sustainable materials has become increasingly popular in the workplace.
  • Longer hours. Many office employees are working longer hours. As a result office space is designed in an ergonomic fashion to keep from straining the body throughout the day.

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