Following the Product Development and Management Associationbs Global Conference this year, Business Innovationist Chris Dolan summed up 10 predictions he has for 2020, helping define a vision of companies of the future. Here are a few of the predictions we found most interesting:

  • Virtual offices become more standard, which could also result in more flexible work schedules. Read more about this from our former post, The virtual office: Is it worth the hassle?
  • More open source collaboration. Dolan suggests taking this past collaborating with employees within a company to seeking ideas from customers and clients as well.
  • Exercise breaks to enhance cognitive performance. Look for more gyms in offices and calendar events that include an exercise break.
  • Passion projects. Look for employees to be able to focus on matters that interest them while, of course, also completing their day-to-day work.

Read more about his future-of-business predictions here. Which of these do you see coming to fruition? Leave a comment to share your thoughts.



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