Are you thinking about moving your business to a new commercial space? If so then you know that relocating your office can be an exciting but challenging proposition, which is why you should keep these important tips in mind when searching for the right location.

  • Is there adequate secure parking for both employees and customers? Is the building in a safe location and what type of security is provided? And donbt forget about fire protection. Make sure to inquire about sprinkler systems and fire exits.
  • Consider the surrounding businesses.B Are restaurants convenient for your employees to walk to during their lunch hour? Also, donbt discount the availability of shops such as dry cleaners, department stores and personal care services in keeping employees happy.
  • Sufficient space is important but you donbt want to waste money by over leasing. This handy chart provides realistic square footage requirements.
  • Finally, if possible donbt sign a long-term lease. Nothing is worse than discovering the space just isn’t suitable and you are locked into a 5 year contract.

Please contact Morris Southeast Group at 866-390-1426 for assistance in securing your new office space in South Florida.

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