Are you ready to lease your current office space because you’ve outgrown it or it’s time to downsize? If so we’re sure you want to get the best return possible, but in order to do so there are a few things you must do before hand to prepare your space. To make sure your things are in the best condition consider these tips on getting your office space to be leased:

Take stock. Make an evaluation of your office and its assets by asking detailing what amenities are available, whatbs lacking, whatB upgrades would make it more attractive.

Get ready to work or hire help. When getting an office ready to be leased make sure the building is clean and in good condition on the inside and outside, and also be sure to double check compliance with current safety and zoning laws.

Modernize. If your space is older make energy efficient upgrades to the lighting, heating and cooling systems, plumbing and flooring to appeal to a wider range of lessees.

Set the stage. Help future tenants see themselves in your building by staging the office space.

Get help. Consider enlisting aid from our team here at Morris South East Group by calling 866-930-1426. You can rely on us for market knowledge, valuable insight, expertise and resources to guide you through the process of real estate decision-making.

Tips adapted from JDSupra

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