Odds are a lot of paperwork gets handled at the offices of your South Florida business. Keeping all of those papers organized and accessible is important b lost paperwork can result in lost business. The following are a few tips that will help you to handle the paper overflow in your office:

  • Filing cabinet b Putting your papers away in a filing cabinet is an easy way to keep them from cluttering up your desk. It also helps to keep things organized and easily accessible as long as everything is labeled.

  • In and out b An easy and somewhat traditional way to keep track of your papers is to have separate in and out trays. Youbll want to keep an eye out on them to make sure the out tray gets sent out when its necessary and that the in tray doesnbt overflow.
  • Wall files b Use hanging magazine holders to organize your documents quickly and efficiently. These help keep your desk free of clutter but also keeps papers in sight so that you donbt forget about them.

Use these tips to handle your paper overflow and be sure to contact us at Morris Southeast Group for additional businesses advice.


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