An office space can enhance or detract from productivity in many ways. For this reason, you should choose the space carefully. Here are three features to pay attention to when searching for a new office in Southeast Florida.

Sufficient Space

A cramped working area is distracting and uncomfortable. The space should be large enough to accommodate all employees and equipment without workers feeling claustrophobic. This is very important to consider because while other building features may be changed, you likely wonbt be able to add extra square footage.

Best Lighting

Good lighting in an office boosts energy levels, mood and productivity. Note natural lighting from windows and the location and type of light fixtures. You can add task lighting, but it is important to account for existing overhead lights.

Sound Control

A noisy office environment can be very distracting. If the office is near a busy street, poor soundproofing means constant traffic sounds will interrupt your peace. If interior walls offer little in the way of soundproofing, every noise will add to the cacophony.

When you search for a new office, you donbt have to do it alone. Let Morris Southeast help you find the perfect office space to fit your needs.


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