In an effort to boost creativity and productivity many business owners are looking to bupgradeb their office space, hoping a change will be just the ticket to boost their success. While itbs true that office design and layout can affect productivity, therebs no one, magic, quick fix to make it happen.

Open offices arenbt the answer
The current trend for open workspaces seems like a great way to promote cooperation and get creative juices flowing, but in reality the lack of privacy and noise can make it impossible for individuals to focus on important tasks. Constant interruptions can also lead to costly mistakes and misunderstandings.

Innovation from within, not a workspace
To create a truly innovative workforce, create a culture of innovation and risk taking. Allow employees the space and support to try new things and offer a workspace environment flexible enough to achieve this. Open meeting spaces and a mix of quieter, more personalized areas ensures that employees can work well no matter what their work style.

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