We were just talking about learning more about being green in business by looking at companies like Whole Foods Market. While they are an excellent example, they arenbt the only one out there. In fact, you donbt even have to look hard, especially if you commute in, out, or around Miami on a regular basis, to find one very iconic example of green practices at their best.

In Downtown Miami, the Miami Tower is implementing a new lighting system that will put it closer to reaching LEED certification. Using a modern approach to lighting, it will reduce the energy used to light the building by 92% and the tents will save approximately $260,000 per year in operating costs. This has more than just environmental or financial advantages. With LED lighting, tenants will even be able to program light shows in their office with a push of the button. Happy hour disco party, anyone?

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Source & Photo Credit: Miami Tower Gets New LED Lighting on Path to LEEDB


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