Obviously, old technology is a thing of the past. But does it seem to be fading away more quickly now than ever before? When it comes to technology, therebs always something better just around the corner, as Businessweek expounds on in this article.

Even seemingly new things like dash-mounted GPS systems, MP3 players and PDAs could be replaced extremely quickly by smartphones, which offer all these technologies and more in one simple device. So how do you know which technology to invest in and which will be obsolete much sooner than we ever imagined? Thatbs the challenge facing chief technology officers and others in business who make the technology-purchasing decisions for a company, big or small.

Let us know what your business is doing in light of this issue by leaving a comment. Do you try to keep up with the latest innovations, or do you keep on trudging by with the older versions? What influences these decisions?

Image: dusk-photography via Flickr


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