Before looking to move into new offices, you should consider what you want your office set up to accomplish. If your employees spend a lot of time collaborating with one another, then you may want to avoid using cubicles in favor of team-oriented work spaces.

More and more companies are creating an office layout that encourages interaction between their employees. They are doing this by eliminating cubicles, private work stations and even traditional offices in order to create larger, shared spaces.

Additionally, companies are increasing the number of meeting rooms in their office space and some have even added amenities such as cafC)s, all in an attempt to foster collaboration between their employees. This also allows companies to make better use of less space. Creating shared office space helps lower the amount of dedicated space the individual employee needs. One of the main reasons for the ability to eliminate the individual working area is that employees are no longer tethered to a workstation by cables. Everything is wireless, which frees up where and how they can work.

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