Small businesses have been experimenting with—and embracing—Applebs iPad, which is drastically reducing the amount of paper they use. This seriously affects the business world, as American companies spent around $8 billion on paper in 2007, according to this Businessweek article—and that number doesnbt include the additional cost of ink and toner.

Business owners also think other features of the iPad—its larger screen size, ease of use and ability to be on all the time—could help with their business processes as well. But that all depends on if there will be an app for that.

Businessweek reports,

“In the long term, it [the success of the iPad as a small business tool] is going to be very dependent on the availability of apps,” says Dan Shey, an analyst with ABI Research, which forecasts trends in communications and emerging technology. “Some of these devices are going to be designed so they are specific to a worker’s task, almost like an appliance,” he adds.

Are you using an iPad for work? What do you think about how technology is changing the workplace?



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