Environmentally friendly practices in homes and businesses are becoming a hot trend, and with good reason. B Energy-efficient equipment and eco-friendly standards of operation can save you money in energy bills and lower the environmental impact made by your business in South Florida. B Use the following tips to have a more environmentally friendly business.

A big environmental issue in offices is the amount of paper used. Luckily, the increasing influence of digital copies can help you reduce the amount of paper you use with a couple of changes. B A fax machine, for example, should be upgraded to a digital version so you can view as an email rather than printing out each copy. If you have to print out on paper, try to use both sides.

Do not waste paper but try to reuse anything that normally you would throw away. You could collect any paper that is reusable in an office brecycleb box, and then write notes or office memos on the back. Always use good quality recycled paper.

Do not use paper cups and plates. Use real plates and cutlery, and wash them. This is a much better eating and drinking experience and is also helping the environment.

Change your light bulbs to ones that are less power consuming, and make it a habitB to switch off your lights and electronics at the end of the day, rather than leave electrical appliances on standby.

If you are looking for environmentally friendly business space in the South Florida area, Morris Southeast can you find the office space to satisfy your requirements. Give them a call today to find out more about commercial real estate in the South Florida area.



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