Things are heating up in Florida and it isn’t just the weather we are referring to. Startups in South Florida are making quite an impression lately. Miami is buzzing about recent events.

AtB Demo Night,B 65 South Florida registrants participated in a mentoring session, Popup Accelerator, with a SiliconValley venture capitalist. The event was organized by NewME, an intensive 12 week program for startup businesses. Most of the Popup attendees said getting to network with other startups was beneficial.

Last week at The Light Box Theatre in Wynwood, B 38 of these “startup teams” presented their ideas to a capacity crowd. B Teams competed for prizes worth thousands of dollars.

Women’s Success Summit, another two-day seminar was also held recently in Miami. Several hundred women attended this unique event, Miami’s largest business conference for women.

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Photo courtesy of VivetaDathiefB via Flickr



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