Jobs are big in the news right now and the state of the job market is high on everyonebs list of concerns and worries. When NASA shut down their space shuttle program, people were worried that it meant that southern Florida was going to take a big hit in unemployment because of the fact that the Kennedy Space Center had to cut their employment by half.

Since August, though, there have been significant amounts of money coming in through investments and job, particularly with companies like Boeing, Embraer, Space X, and Lockheed Martin. At Morris Southeast Group, webre excited to be working in a part of the country that can still consider itself both highly skilled and business friendly.

If youbre looking to be the next technology start-up or involved in anything pertaining to space, this is the area where you should plan on putting down roots. Contact us soon so that we can help you find the right space to fit your needs for commercial real estate!

Source: Need A Good Jobs Story? Try Floridabs Space Coast
Photo Credit: gilderm on stock.xchng


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