Commercial investing in the United States has always been popular for individuals and companies with considerable amounts of capital from other countries. However, with some countries growing at a fast rate, B business has picked up even more. The commercial real estate in the South Florida area in particular has become popular with foreign investors for a variety of reasons b not just the sunny weather.

  • Investments in the United States are stable for investors from places where economic or political turmoil is a current way of life. Thatbs why investors from places like Venezuela look for property in stable areas like South Florida.

  • The United States has a history of growth or at least sustaining wealth. Even when the economy is down the quality of life in the United States is much higher than it is in many parts of the world. This is attractive for foreign investors.
  • EB-5 programs sponsored by the government allow foreign investors to invest a minimum of $1-million in the US with incentives to the business or property owner being significant enough that more people are taking the plunge.

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