There was once a time in which small business owners lived directly above or behind their store or office, and it seems as though the idea is returning to South Florida. An article in The Miami Herald reported thatB shopkeepers are moving their lives and businesses back to the city from the suburbs by taking advantage of the urban enclaves and new live-work spaces in South Florida.

Given the current state of the economy business owners that need to tighten their budgets are finding that it makes sense to live within walking distance of their office space asB it eliminates the expense of commuting. And South Floridians aren’t the only ones living and working in the same area. According to the 2010 American Community Survey report, about 4.1 percent of the nationbs labor force (about 5.7 million) worked at home and 2.8 percent (about 3.9 million) walked to work.

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B Source: The Miami Herald

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