Have you ever wondered if any of the current or new buildings in South Florida are taking steps toward being energy efficient? Although it’s not always visible to the naked eye many of South Florida’s buildings are being built to LEED standards or renovated with energy efficient features.

Take the high rise that was under construction a few months ago at 600 Brickell for example. The 540-foot tower features an outer shell that repels heat, energy efficient mechanical workings, energy-saving reflective roofing, lights that adjust with the daylight and a host of other things. All of which make its design the perfect demonstration of an upper level eco-friendly building. And although the first to be pre-certified as LEED platinum 600 Brickell isn’t the only green building in South Florida, many others are joining in on what is now the new standard.

What are your thoughts on big building going green and gaining LEED certification?

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