About a month ago, we reminded you that we are on Facebook. Businesses moving into the social media world isn’t out of the question these days. In fact, you can find anything from television shows that include interactive apps or YouTube videos to the fans to large companies that offer discounts or part of their rich history to their fans. You can also find us on one other very important social media site: Twitter. It had gained a lot of attention from social media fans long before it started being a platform to host revolutions, but it has always been a powerful tool if you know how to use it.

Keep updated on what we’re doing at Morris Southeast Group by following us on Twitter! We think you’ll enjoy the opportunity to read and share our tips and trend insights as well as just enjoy Twitter as a whole if you haven’t been on there yet. It is quickly becoming a must for all businesses large or small.

Photo Credit: Steve Garfield on flickr.com