Nationally, small business hiring is on the rise, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. Paychecks Inc. is a company that manages payroll for small businesses, and its data shows checks-per-client have increased significantly: nearly 3 percent since the previous year, Businessweek reports.

Small businesses are not struggling as much to get loans as they were beginning in mid-2009. Other positive signs include fewer people filing for unemployment as well as a jump in the independent business federationbs optimism index. The chief economist at MF Global Inc., Jim ObSullivan, told Businessweek:

“‘The upward momentum is very impressive. Disproportionately, job growth comes from the small-business sector,’ which is ‘key to a self-sustaining expansion.'”

Further, small business employment has increased by 0.5 percent here in Florida, according to an article posted by the Miami Herald. If your small business is looking for office property in South Florida, contact Morris Southeast Group. You can learn more about our commercial real estate services from our website.

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