Although virtual offices have been gaining popularity and are expected to continue as a trend, some employees working from homebor working from just whereverbmiss the office space and the company of other people.

Now, shared work spaces are becoming an attractive option, The Miami Herald reports. Co-work space, where various free agents and business owners can rent tables, desks, and offices, offers a comfortable place to work as well as numerous networking opportunities. According to The Miami Herald:

b[C]oworking covers nagging details that can sometimes consume valuable time like managing the office (did anybody order copy paper?), taking care of permitting, janitorial services and parking.b

Mostly, though, people are more attracted to the sense of community than any other aspect of coworking.

You can read more about bThe New Officeb from The Miami Herald. What do you think of the idea of shared work spaces? Leave a comment to share your thoughts.

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