The old culture of many corporate and large workplaces was simple b limit social interaction and do things to help employees get down to business. In many cases, that meant dreary offices and cubicles to help boost bfocus.b However, the corporate culture has changed, and if your business is falling behind, it might be time to alter yours. Use these tips from Morris Southeast to change your company culture in 2014.

  • Bring some nature into your office. Most offices feel more like basements that top floor spaces. To change that and actually boost productivity and happiness in the workplace, consider letting in some sunshine or finding a space that allows a real connection with the outside world.
  • Tear down those cubicles. In many cases, an open office with sightlines can actually great improve office productivity b not distract from it like previously thought. Think of your office like a city or park.
  • Encourage creativity inside the workplace. Sure, accountants canbt be creative with the books, but creating a culture where employees have a say in improving the company will work for you and make them happier.

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