Making a move into new offices requires detailed planning, especially when you’re in the process of finding a new office. One mistake that businesses sometimes make is forgetting to account for growth when searching for an ideal office space. Businesses aspire to expand their client base, but the number of employees you hire will need to grow with it in order to keep up with the increased workload. B If you lease or buy a new office for your current number of employees, you will run into problems as your business expands.

Breaking a lease or purchasing additional locations can be expensive and cut into profits, and yet this is exactly what must happen if space is outgrown too quickly. Office space must accommodate current staff, operation, and inventory needs and also contain additional square footage to have capacity for an increase in these needs.

The additional space need not be extensive, depending on the hiring and operational forecasts of a business. For instance, executive level employees who will be added may require more office space, as do expanding operations extensively. On the other hand, additional clerical staff or contract workers who may work offsite the majority of time may only require minimal space to perform their duties.

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