On average, Real Estate Investment Trusts did well in the third quarter—even better than the rest of the stock market for companies that own office buildings, apartment buildings and shopping malls—posting 12.5 percent gains, according to this Wall Street Journal article.

And some REITs did better than that. Douglas Emmett Inc., an office and apartment landlord in California, earned a 23.14 percent return measured by the Dow Jones All Equity REIT Index. Why are these REITs doing well as most of the commercial real estate industry struggles? They have a leg up acquiring property with easier access to capital. And now, especially in cities in need of development, companies that own commercial real estate are popular stocks for investors who prefer REITs.

Read the whole WSJ article, bREITs Draw Rebound Bets,b to learn more. What do you think about the REITsb stronger performances? Leave a comment to let us know.

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