Webve discussed a little bit about businesses and buildings going green, especially related to the government incentives for energy efficiency in commercial real estate, as well as the 2010 Green Building Survey, which revealed that going green is taking hold in CRE.

More recently, this still seems to be the case. Building owners are still working on improving the energy efficiency of their buildings, noted Henry Chamberlain, the president and chief operating officer of the Building Owners and Managers Association International, in an interview. From REIT.com:

bOwners are taking note of banything that integrates the different technologies in the building so that the energy systems and security systems are all running off of one server,b according to Chamberlain. bSustainable, high performance buildings are here to stay, and that’s going to create the value.bb

More money is being spent on these improvements in coastal and gateway cities rather than secondary and tertiary markets. Visit REIT.com for more information.

Image via thegreenenergyblog.com


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