The Port Miami Tunnel and Panama Canal are nearing B the end of renovations, which will make them more efficient trade ports. As global industry increases, Miami must update its commercial structures to stay relevant in the global trade economy. Recently, the Realtors Commercial Alliance in Miami outlined some of the changes that are likely to take place as part of the renovation process.

Due to the changes in the ports, commercial structures must be updated to accommodate the types of goods that will be traded and maintain international standards. B It is likely that older buildings will be retro-fitted with these requirements and new offices will be designed to benefit the new trade opportunities.B As a result of increased trade coming to Miami, you will witness a surge in commercial real estate as jobs are created and more office space is needed to accommodate the growing global trade industry.

For those seeking more information, you can attend or read notes from a six-panel discussion held May 31 at Port Miami. B If you are looking for South Florida Commercial Real Estate, contact Morris SoutheastB to speak with B one of our dedicated real estate agents about your move.


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