In the past, office spaces were designed to be efficient, even if that meant making them a bit dull and unexciting for employees. However, many business owners have now realized that a cheery workplace can actually make employees more productive and functional instead of wasting time. Use these tips to make your office a more cheerful place that employees will actually enjoy during the work day.

  • More kitchens, places to eat and common areas. These items make an office feel more like a home and make employees comfortable. Theybll also be less likely to worry about pulling long shifts or staying to get their work done.
  • Open spaces. The days of cubicles that enclose employees in their defined space are pretty much over. Instead, employers are opening up the floor plan to allow for better communication and sightlines. Open space also boosts natural sunlight and makes employees feel less lethargic in many cases.
  • Bright colors. Like open spaces, bright colors make employees feel happier and more functional in the office. Some colors can also improve mood and make employees feel more energetic!

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