After years of working in your home is it time that you move your small business into an office? If so now is the time to begin looking for a space to lease considering the fact that many businesses are downsizing to cut costs and putting their spaces on the market to be subleased. But if this is your first time searching for office space you may be unsure of what you’re getting yourself into, so when searching for office space to accommodate your small business keep these tips in mind:

  • Smaller is better.
  • Get the duration you want.
  • Ask for concessions.
  • Don’t expect a lot of slack on your security deposit.
  • Learn your market with the help of a broker, and hire a lawyer when you’re ready to sign the lease.
  • Look into the creditworthiness of your landlord.

For help finding office space to lease in Miami for your small business contact Morris Southeast Group at 866-930-1426.

Source: Bankrate

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