Earlier this month we reported about changing office landscapes and a trend toward smaller workspaces for employees. We pointed out that more open floor plans are gaining popularity and that slimmer technology doesnbt demand as much space. But we just came across some new, different points related to decreasing work stations that we thought were worth bringing the topic up again.

The Baltimore Sun put out an article just this week on the cramped cubicles and open spaces, looking into current design considerations versus the older way of arranging a corporate floor plan. Formerly, allocated work space was more dependent on job title/level than functionality or need. But an employeebs title means much less now in terms of space, with businesses basing their decisions on how often someonebs in the office and other more functional considerations. Further, an open floor plan encourages more collaboration among employees, which could benefit a company if workers work together and come up with solutions together.

Do you think office workspace should be distributed based on job title, or that employees these days really donbt need as much space? If youbre looking for office property in South Florida, contact Morris Southeast Group today.

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