Although the new mayor of Miami-Dade County only recently made his victory speech a mere two months ago his help is already being solicited in the real estate market. It is currently unclear what specific things Mayor Carlos Gimenez plans to do to aid commercial real estate, but he does plan to make getting development permits easier. In addition to thatB many would like to see him focus his efforts on projects such as those that recently took place in Coral Gables.

When asked about his expected impact the former assistant manager for the city of Miami Frank Rollason stated that Gimenez eventually plans to focus on the city’s finances; since getting things under control will ultimately attract investors to the area. But seeing as though there are no definite plans yet, Gimenez has done a great deal since taking office. B He has already implemented a reorganization of the county that will increase the speed and facilitation of future projects, and he plans to review initiatives in the fall concerning job creation on the construction and long-term level.

To learn more about Mayor Gimenez’s plans for the Miami-Dade commercial real estate market be sure to check back with us!

Source: The Real Deal, Google Images



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