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National commercial real estate prices fall in consecutive months

September 21, 2010

National commercial real estate prices fell in July following a previous decline in June, according to Moodybs and Real Estate Analyticsb Monday report.

From January through July 2010, commercial real estate prices have dropped 4 percent altogether, even despite gains in April and May. Contributing factors beginning early this year include the potential for a double-dip recession in the U.S. as well as the European debt crisis.

According to GlobeSt.com, managing director Nick Levidy at Moodybs said this in a statement:

bThe recent performance, while perhaps somewhat discouraging, should not come as a complete surprise. We have noted for several months that markets are likely to remain choppy for some time as property values slowly form a bottom in conjunction with a gradual recovery of the broader economy.b

Other indices reveal property prices in the East increased in the office, retail and apartment categories while dropping in the industrial properties category. Click here to learn more.

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