The bnormalb workplace has been changing rapidly, due in large part to new technology. The use of microworkers is one trend thatbs not new, but thatbs definitely taking a larger hold lately in the business world. Businessweek describes microwork as a trend that:

buses the Internet to access workers around the world for short-term projects that pay a few bucks to hundreds of dollars per hour. The tasks might require a few minutes or a few days to complete.b

Businesses are saving money and their employeesb valuable time by hiring microworkers, a trend thatbs helpful to companies but potentially harmful to the U.S. job market since micro-outsourcing is also an option. Additionally, because these microworkers can complete most of the work remotely, the trend impacts commercial real estate as wellbspace requirements shrink as remote work grows.

You can learn more about microwork, also called crowdsourcing and the human cloud, from Businessweek. Has your company used microworkers on a task-by-task basis?

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