Everyone is familiar with the standard strip of stores at major airports that lure you in to buy last minute souvenirs and other things you didn’t know you needed while you wait for your flight, but Miami International Airport may step things up a notch.

The airport’s oldest terminal, Central Terminal, which was completed in the 1950s may be remodeled to include a multi-level shopping mall complete with escalators. The idea is one of many that are being considered for the terminal under a master plan for the airport.B Although still in the early phases the terminal would be completely modernized after the renovation, but it would still be able to handle passengers, retail, office and hotel space.

When speaking on the plans Jose Ramos, who is overseeing master plan development for the county Aviation Department, stated that “it would be a large retail development unlike what we have in travel anywhere in the United States.”

What are your thoughts on a multi-level shopping mall making its way into Miami International Airport?

Source: Miami Today

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