Miami is making quite a name for itself in the business world. It ranked No. 9 in the Top 10 American Cities of the Future 2011/12 by Foreign Direct Investment Magazine.

Not only did Miami score well as an American City of the Future, it also came in at No. 2 for business friendliness, according to CGGazette. Frank. R. Nero, President and CEO of The Beacon Council, told the publication:

“‘Miami is a growing world business center. As we emerge from the recession, it is well-positioned to attract job-producing foreign and domestic investment.'”

And according to The Miami Herald, a Wells Fargo report revealed that Florida ranks No. 1 in the nation for potential to grow jobs. And this ranking is not only due to tourism and hospitality; the state is bregionally competitiveb in more than 20 different industries.

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