With the prevalence of smartphones, iPads and laptops these days, the line between work and play is getting fuzzier and fuzzier.

As psychiatrist and business consultant Alan Langlieb told The Baltimore Sun,

“It used to be that work was like a belly button: You were either in or out. And now, for most people who work, they’re always in. Technology allows you to be at work 24 hours a day anyplace in the world. You end up seeing nonstop work where there’s never really an off period.”

Further, an increasing number of Americans on bvacationb check in with work, sometimes multiple times a day.

Especially with increased work pressures caused by the recession, people with growing responsibilities worry about getting too behind while theybre away or donbt want to miss a great business opportunity, so they stay plugged in constantly.

Other employees concerned about layoffs fear taking days off at all. More than 35 percent of workers have said they wonbt take all their vacation days, as detailed here.

Where do you draw the line between work and time off? Let us know.

Photo credit: marketplace.publicradio.org


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