Most employers donbt think too much about their office space, other than making it functional and relatively comfortable for employees. However, keeping the mental health of your employees in mind when youbre designing a space is essential. Youbll have more productive and happy employees by following these basic tips:

  • Give employees a little bit of private space to do their work in peace. In some offices, that simply means positioning desks and cubicles away from the flow of traffic or where foot traffic is particularly heavy.
  • Pay attention to the lighting and donbt skimp on fixtures. High-quality lighting means a lot when youbre sitting in the same place all day. Make sure task lighting is available as well.
  • Allow employees a place to socialize. Regular breaks make more productive workers that perform better on a frequent basis. Make meeting places plentiful and comfortable.
  • Keep sight lines open by using glass dividers and low walls instead of the traditional carpet-like cubicles you see in offices. This makes employees feel more energized when therebs movement around them.

Contact Morris Southeast for more information and tips when youbre ready to move into new offices. Morris Southest can help you find the perfect space.


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