Harnessing today’s workplace trends is crucial to business success. B Your employees are bound to be aware of the trends through discussion with friends and families in other workplaces, and if your office is not moving with the times your employees may start seeking more current and relevant companies with which to work.

TelecommutingB Infrastructure

Employees have busier lives than ever. Many have to juggle the demands of children, elderly parents and long commutes. Creating infrastructure to allow employees to telecommuteB can help you retain top talent. It can also help lower sick leave costs, since employees can get work done from home when they or their children are feeling slightly unwell. B This will also keep sick employees from coming to work to avoid using a sick day and exposing other employees to illness and affecting overall productivity. B It also helps to be flexible about the traditional 9 to 5 schedule.

Professionalism Training

In the social media age, a single bad post under your company’s name can really hurt reputation. Training for professionalism is important; it can prevent huge PR disasters. To make training cost-effective, focus resources on in-service training and cut out after-hours “team building” activities. While you can enforce professionalism, you cannot force employees to become best friends, and attempting to do so only creates resentment.

Lifelong Learning

Today’s society is one of constant change; the business environment can turn on a dime due to advances in technology. Staying current requires lifelong learning on the part of workers. It pays to invest in your employees’ career development. B You also need to make sure your company itself is a lifelong learner and can stay on top of technology advances and changes in business styles. B Find an office space with plenty of power resources with the expectation that we will become more reliant on technology for everyday business tasks. B Collaborative workspaces are another growing shift in the business world, so you will want to have an office that is prepared for this change.

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