Believe it or not, Floridabs job market is actually showing improvement. Of course, with the unemployment rate skirting around 11 and 12 percent, the claim may be hard to accept. But the Orlando Sentinel makes a good case for it in its recent article, bFlorida job market slowly digging out of hole.bB Here are a couple things it points out:

  • Firings actually peaked a couple years ago and have been mostly decreasing since.
  • For four consecutive months, the state bhas added jobs on a year-over-year basis.b
  • A senior economist for Wells Fargo also said therebs been a real improvement in hiring, though the recovery is happening very slowly.

For more information on the statebs job market, read the full article. Herebs to hoping the improvement continues and even picks up the pace. If your company is looking for office property in the South Florida area, contact Morris Southeast Group today.


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