When it comes to your office, the last thing you want is to overwork your employees. In fact, if their workloads are too heavy, they may end up turning into “zombies” due to stress and lack of free time, leading to a drop off in productivity. This helpful infograph will give you some reasons and solutions to a lack of productivity.

Some employees will lie in order to cover up any mistakes or missed deadlines. To combat the issue of missed deadlines, track their projectbs status in real time and be sure to encourage them so that they wonbt feel nervous or stressed about their workload or about coming to you if they’re having difficulties.

Another huge problem is that many workers feel like the office is understaffed, which leads to them doing work after business hours. This will lead to stressed and tired employees, leading to more mistakes or poorly done work. Use resource workload reports and request intake processes to deal with this issue. Donbt forget to reward your employees and give them a break by offering things like free spa passes, but remember that these are temporary fixes. B If you’re having a consistent problem with understaffing, it’s time to examine ways to budget for more employees.

Use some of these solutions to battle a lack of productivity. For additional South Florida business advice, contact us at Morris Southeast Group today.


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