When you think of a corporate atmosphere, the thought of an open office would seem to encourage communication and foster productivity, right? In many cases, open office floor plans are actually counterproductive. Surprisingly, it makes a lot of sense. Here are a few reasons that cubicles in the office may not be so bad after all.

Lack of Privacy

Privacy is a big motivating factor for productive thought and creative vision. Open offices are a detriment to those beneficial necessities.

Feeds Absenteeism

Wide, open spaces can also be big pools for sickness. Itbs easier to catch a cold when there are no physical boundaries between work stations.

Easy Disruptions

When the option to walk into a room and shut the door doesnbt exist, workers are forced to deal with one anotherbs disruptions. That limits the ability to concentrate, which has a direct impact on getting work done.

Ageless Issues

Younger workers may tolerate open offices more than older workers, but the aforementioned reasons tend to catch up with everyone, eventually.

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