As usual at the beginning of a new year, most investors are optimistic about the nationbs economy for 2011, according to this Wall Street Journal article.

Nevertheless, some worry about the economy expanding too quickly and then boverheating.b WSJ reports:

bInvestors worried about the economy overheating this year say it will be far harder for the Fed to mount another rescue mission, which could lead to a spike in inflation and interest rates that could derail the recovery and torpedo market gains. Despite those fears, the vast majority of economists, market strategists and money managers say they see indicators pointing to a scenario of modest growth and low inflation in 2011.b

The article lays out three Goldilocks-like scenarios that could come to fruition this year: too hot, too cold and just right. You can check it out here, and then let us know your thoughts for 2011—especially as related to the commercial real estate industry.

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