In tune with National Real Estate Investorbs predictions from this post we shared earlier this month, PricewaterhouseCoopers expects investors will start looking into slightly riskier investments than the well-leased buildings theybve sought this year, according to

The PwC Real Estate Investor Survey revealed investors are beginning to look at properties in secondary markets in addition to looking beyond trophy properties.

Especially as demand for top assets continues to drive prices up, riskier opportunities with a smaller price tag are beginning to look more appealing. But Susan Smith, director with PwCbs real estate advisory practice, told,

bAlthough some investors are now looking to take on more risk, a full movement to secondary markets and riskier plays won’t occur until a healthier U.S. employment picture develops. To investors, job creation is the missing element needed to foster a full recovery, restore confidence, and, in turn, widen the tolerance for risk.b

You can learn more here, and then share your projections. Do you think investors will look increasingly to riskier deals in hopes of higher long-term yields?

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